👋 Hi, I’m Rhonda Bradley, the owner of AI Copyedit. 

I’m a musician-turned-writer who brings a unique sense of creativity and passion to everything I do, along with a keen eye for detail.

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I’ve been a full-time professional freelance writer since 2016. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Inbound Marketing (2018) and SEO (2022) certified by HubSpot
  • Worked with amazing clients from several different companies, including:
    • Team writer for Clutch.co: B2B, SMB, and HR News (2 years)
    • Lead B2B SaaS content writer for Sharelov (5 years)
    • Lead finance writer for Minority Mindset (5 years)
    • Copywriter and copyeditor for Chat Marketing Agency (5 years)
    • Copywriter for ads, website content, social media posts, and print materials for a variety of brands across several industries: Tech, beauty, restaurant, banking, pet, and dental.
  • Until 2019, I freelanced through UpWork, where I was recognized as a top-performing freelancer 3 years in a row, received a 100% success score badge, and tested in the top 10% of 85,000 blog writers.

If there’s one thing I enjoy most about my job, it’s the chance to help companies achieve a greater level of success through content marketing. Whether I’m writing or editing, it’s never about pushing out content as if I were a machine. For me, it’s about providing genuine value to my clients and their readers.

I look forward to working with you! Please get in touch soon so you can tell me all about your brand, your audience, and your goals. – Rhonda Bradley